Grace Foundation is very fortunate to work with a diverse group of talented students and professionals from all over the world who are as committed as we are to making a difference. We call them Knowledge Philanthropists instead of simply volunteers to denote the value we place on their knowledge and expertise. It is only thanks to their dedication that we have already achieved so much. Our Knowledge Philanthropists volunteer with us either in person or online. Please get in touch with us to learn how a little of your time can make a huge impact on the lives of children and families in Nigeria – all from the comfort of your own home. For more information about our volunteering opportunities, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Maria Clara Pinzon Aaron is a Colombian industrial and graphic designer with over eight years’ experience. She holds a B.A in Industrial Design as well as a Master in Research for Design and Innovation from Elisava University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona. In addition to being a freelance designer, Maria is also a University Professor and helps students to find their creative identity.

Grace Foundation has given me a place where it is possible to contribute, learn and express myself while advocating for education and financial empowerment of young people, something so needed in the world today.

Seama Mowri, a professional consultant with primary focus on collaboration models, strategy design and social sector opportunities, has developed a 3-year strategy plan that allows Grace Foundation to deliver added value across the social service value chain in Nigeria. She earned her bachelors in Economics from the University of Toronto, and holds an MBA. She is also a Certified Professional in Project Management (PMP).

I volunteered with Grace Foundation as a means of using my skill sets to reach out to Nigeria, a country that reminded me of Bangladesh, demonstrating resilience year after year despite the political and social setbacks.

kp-ovo-adaghaDr. Ovo Adagha is a Nigerian scholar who has worked with Grace Foundation as an editor, rapporteur, and content developer. Currently living in Alberta, Canada, he has also worked as a project consultant on several global development initiatives like sustainable energy, climate change, women empowerment, environmental protection, youth empowerment and access to education.

I worked with Grace Foundation because I passionately support programs that positively impact on health and income generating activities in developing countries.

Karen Roman contributed to the design of Grace Foundation’s IMAGINE Leadership Development Programme in 2014. A Bolivian activist currently living in Switzerland with a passion for flamenco dance and traveling around the world, she holds Bachelors degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, as well as Masters degrees in Gender Studies and in Development Studies.

I joined Grace Foundation because I believe in its capacity to create lasting positive change in Nigeria. I had a very strong wish to be part of an organization that has an honest aim to assist people in helping themselves.

Mary Feyisara Adeniyi worked for Grace Foundation as Program coordinator in Benin City. A Nigerian banker by profession and geographer by study, she attended Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife, Osun State, Nigeria and is a youth advocate with special interest in HIV/Aids related issues in young adults.

I volunteered with Grace Foundation to enable me contribute and enlarge my coast in reaching out to young adults and imparting on my immediate environment.


Dr. Julie Cammell is a researcher and analyst, holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia in International Relations and Geography, and is currently residing in the Netherlands. She has lectured at the University of Western Australia and the Australian Catholic University, and previously worked for the Australian Government in climate change and energy efficiency policy. Julie enjoys running, hiking and cycling, and is also learning Dutch.

I volunteer with Grace Foundation because I believe that every child and young adult deserves access to a quality education and the opportunity for employment in a field that they are passionate about.

Wiebke Kudernatsch supported Grace Foundation in creating easily accessible career coaching and counselling hubs for Nigerian students and individuals. As a passionate User Experience Design expert and product coach with her own training business from Hamburg, Germany, the graduated engineer in Information Technology & Design focuses her work on developing user-centered products and services for different international industries and customer markets.

The targeted knowledge transfer and learning environments provided by Grace Foundation are important steps to broaden peoples’ perspective and enable them to change their way of thinking and acting in a sustainable way.

Grace Norman is currently leading the Community Fundraising Programme at the University of Aberdeen Development Trust. With a background in language studies, having read French and Russian MA (Hons) at the University of St Andrews, she has a passion for communication and learning. Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, Grace will be returning home to complete a Master’s degree in the International Development of Education.

Grace Foundation is pioneering methods to build sustainable educational structures, effecting a pathway of support to lead children to education, through education and the transition into the working world.

Tahirah Charles contributed to the development of Grace Foundation’s online presence by assisting to create a Tumblr page to promote its work worldwide. Tahirah has a BA Linguistics degree from Jamaica and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations. She hopes to work with her country’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and the United Nations. In her leisure time, Tahirah plays the steelpan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago, where she is from.

I volunteered with Grace Foundation because I am always looking to work with organizations that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Terry Atkinson is a multimedia consultant from Ottawa, Canada. He has economics undergraduate and Masters in Business degrees from the University of British Columbia, and is a passionate musician. With a deep interest in global development issues, Terry believes basic human rights include health, education and meaningful work, ideals that are frustratingly elusive for most of the people in the world.

Grace Foundation is making a real difference for the people of Nigeria, improving lives and offering a path out of poverty that is unnecessarily inflicted on so many.