“Grace Foundation is working with schools and their communities to give students from impoverished backgrounds access to a wide range of resources. This is vital to creating a level playing field with equal opportunities for all.”

Mr. Emokpae is the Executive Chairman of Lowe Lintas. In this role, he oversees the operations of Nigeria’s oldest advertising agency. Established in 1928, Lowe Lintas is a marketing communications agency focused on brand strategy, communications planning and through-the- line advertising. It is the Nigerian affiliate of the global agency network Mullen Lowe, with over 100 offices in more than 70 countries worldwide. (Read more …)



“Grace Foundation works in ways I have pursued throughout my own career to support communities: building long-lasting reciprocal relationships and developing and implementing cutting-edge capacity building programs across disciplines.”

For 20 years Dr. Ashley Ater Kranov has served as an educator and leader in the US and international higher education communities. She is also an adjunct associate professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University. (Read more …)



“ I support Grace Foundation in creating a holistic environment that is investing in the future of every community member.”

Maryann Omoregie is a Certified Payroll Manager and Benefits & Pension Specialist with Katz Group Canada Ltd, one of Canada’s largest privately owned enterprises, with operations in pharmacy, sports & entertainment.

Mrs. Omoregie is a subject matter expert with over 7 years’ experience in employee benefits and pension plan design, costing and analysis. She has a degree in Finance and is currently pursuing further studies in Human Resources and Labour Relations.


Mr. ZEAL AKARAIWE – Treasurer

“By maintaining the highest standards of finance and risk management, Grace Foundation will provide a role model for schools and communities to follow in fighting corruption.”

 Mr. Zeal Akaraiwe holds a BSc in Actuarial Science from the University of Lagos and has enjoyed a prestigious 14-year career working for Standard Chartered Banks in Zambia, London and Nigeria. (Read more …)


Clau_photoDr. CLAUDIA GRIGORESCU – Assistant Secretary

“I am a citizen of the world and passionately believe that we can all make a difference. Grace Foundation does so by bringing schools and communities together and using local and global resources to enhance the curriculum delivery across Nigeria.”

Dr. Claudia Grigorescu conducts research and curriculum development for a software company, coordinates assessment for best practices at the University of Miami, and teaches at Florida International University (FIU). Previously, at FIU, she also worked with the Urban Education (Algebra Project), the College of Education, and the Office of Academic Planning and Accountability.(Read more …)


DR. FERNANDA PINEDA – Assistant Treasurer

“Grace Foundation represents the manifestation of endless opportunities that girls and boys – in Nigeria and around the world – can have to pursue the life they value, and the dreams that they are entitled to achieve. Investing in Grace Foundation is investing in a better and brighter tomorrow for Nigerian children.”

Dr. Fernanda Pineda is an active member of the international education community and has devoted her career to the wellbeing of children and young people, specifically to ensure quality education for all. She holds a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master Degree in International Education and a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. (Read more …))


BARRISTER FOLABI KUTI – Legal Advisor/Compliance Officer

“In today’s cut-throat world, Grace Foundation brilliantly reminds us about that which we already inherently know…that the true greatness of any society, lies not in its citadels of government and learning, but in its willingness to lift up its poor and under-privileged members.” Mr. Folabi Kuti is a member of both the Nigerian and the International Bar Associations, a Notary Public, and registered to practice in the Nigerian Capital Market. He attended the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, thereafter obtained an LL.M from the University of Lagos, and has since been actively engaged in Commercial Litigation, ADR, Intellectual Property, Insolvency and Secured Credit Transactions. (Read more …)



“Health care and education are vital for sustaining communities, and they depend on the kind of safe, protective and nurturing environments promoting physical and mental well-being Grace Foundation is developing.”

Often recognized for her leadership and integrity, Patricia Omorogbe has brought a high level of professionalism to the medical and mental health industry. She has demonstrated principled leadership, putting people before business, and is focusing her work as one of the state’s top Home Health advocates on protecting the people and communities of Illinois. (Read more …)


MR. JOE ATTUEYI – Director

“I believe in the same values as Grace Foundation and approve its ethical way of operating, being transparent and accountable to its donors, stakeholders, staff and the public at large.”

Mr. Joe Attueyi is the CEO of DWC Exploration & Production Company, a Nigerian oil and gas group focused on bringing assets with proven reserves to production. (Read more …)


Thomas BryerDR. THOMAS BRYER – Director

 “When caring people with diverse skills and networks come together, in partnership with communities, we can achieve levels of empowerment perhaps thought impossible before. The Grace Foundation is an organization with the hearts, minds, and networks necessary to change a small part of the world, and through that change, give hope to others throughout the world to achieve the same. It is an honor to serve on the board.”

Thomas Bryer is professor in the School of Public Administration and director of the public administration track of the interdisciplinary PhD program in public affairs at the University of Central Florida. In January 2017, he stepped down as director of the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management at the university, a position he held for 5.5 years. (Read more …)



“Institutions can only thrive when they are supported by strong governance. Grace Foundation is working with schools to develop the leadership that is best serving their local community while maintaining highest standards.”

George Etomi is the Principal Partner of the law firm George Etomi & Partners, which he established in1984, and was invited to serve as the first Chairman when the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) section on Business Law (SBL) was created. During his 35 years of active practice, he has gathered a wealth of experience in diverse areas of law cutting across various commercial transactions in the fields of Energy and Natural Resources Law, Aviation Law, Building and Construction Law, Banking and finance Law, Arbitration, Telecommunications, Legislative Drafting and Competition Law Policy. (Read more …)