For all post-secondary students who are passionate about learning and willing to commit some hours of their spare time, our Employment and Enterprise Training Program combines an online resource centre, mobile app and one-on-one career coaching and counselling.

For the most dedicated of students with no or low income, we will set up a platform to receive scholarships through crowdfunding.

For female students, our Education for Girls Program advocates equal access to quality education and the elimination of gender-based violence at school. The program encourages girls’ interest in science and provides a safe, sanitary, confidential and nurturing environment to build their self-confidence and help them thrive.

For public, primary and secondary schools across Nigeria, our Classroom to Community (C2C) Network offers free technical assistance and training to strengthen the relationship with their communities. Our Network increases the local capacity of school principals, teachers, students, families, community members and policy makers to affect sustainable change and improve the quality of infrastructure and learning.