It starts with GRACE because…

…My mother’s first name is Grace and she is the inspiration behind this Foundation. The idea of helping people to help themselves is part of the rich legacy she created before passing away at a relatively young age of 40 years. She helped women in Nigeria to become economically independent by giving them interest free loans to start their own business.

…This Foundation was set up in her honour as a new kind of non-profit organization with the overarching philosophy of helping people without creating dependency.

…The word ‘Grace’ also connotes ‘favour’ and ‘goodwill’, which captures the ethos of our organization: A place of mutual respect, where favour and goodwill are available to those who wish to make good use of them to advance their own life’s mission.

The idea of the Grace Foundation developed over the last decade and came to fruition in 2013, with the formal start of the launch process. We consider it our greatest achievement to support Nigerian students and their families by building the capacity of individuals, schools and communities to effect sustainable change.