Our mission is to help people help themselves, by giving them access to the tools and resources to live self-sufficiently. We are passionate about enabling families across Nigeria to break free of poverty and dependency in order to reach their full potential.

Our goal is to create a seamless pathway of support from school to employment, so that all young girls and boys can get the right start in life, no matter what their individual backgrounds and circumstances are.

We care about the welfare of students and their families and work closely with schools and local communities to ensure that everybody can share their learning and access high quality education and training.

Our vision is simple: We want to alleviate poverty in Nigeria through education and see families live independent and self-determined lives, supporting each other in a circle of sufficiency from one generation to the next.

We all know the devastating effect child poverty has on their well-being, health, growth and development. Not only that, children growing up poor are likely to raise families that are poor as well, because they are never given the options or tools to change their lives.

We work with local communities to break this devastating generational cycle of poverty. Through community collaboration, quality education and training, young people will be given the skills to set up their own enterprises or find employment opportunities that pay a living wage.