We believe that independent living and economic security can best be achieved by supporting families as a whole, so that the needs of children and their parents can be met. This is particularly important because parents can be great role models and a source of inspiration and motivation. They have a key role to play in putting their children on a path towards a better life.

Through using two-generation approaches in all of our work and strengthening the links between schools and communities we create a grassroots movement across Nigeria, providing global resources to give each family the right tools to change their lives and create a better future.

The two-generation approach utilized by Grace Foundation focuses on not just the child but the whole family by addressing the needs of and creating opportunities for both children and their parents.

Our Foundation is named GRACE to reflect what we stand for:

Global – We draw on a wide range of global resources sharing experience, knowledge and best practices to help advance our mission.

Responsive – We listen to each of the communities we serve and respond by using our resources to support them find the right solutions to their needs.

Accountable – We are accountable to the individuals and communities we work with and the donors, professionals and volunteers who provide our services.

Collaborative – We work closely with schools and local communities, using a whole families approach to create a shared learning environment across generations.

Ethical – We are a non-profit organisation and transparent in our spending, data collection, service provision, and reporting of results, both to our stakeholders and to the public at large.