“In today’s cut-throat world, Grace Foundation brilliantly reminds us about that which we already inherently know…that the true greatness of any society, lies not in its citadels of government and learning, but in its willingness to lift up its poor and under-privileged members.”

Mr. Folabi Kuti is a member of both the Nigerian and the International Bar Associations, a Notary Public, and registered to practice in the Nigerian Capital Market. He attended the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, thereafter obtained an LL.M from the University of Lagos, and has since been actively engaged in Commercial Litigation, ADR, Intellectual Property, Insolvency and Secured Credit Transactions.

A prolific writer and with published articles and commentaries on a range of subjects from literary criticism to reviewing judgments of the Supreme Court, Mr. Kuti has a keen interest in the development of Nigerian law as well as the interplay between law, policy and the society.