Clau_photoDr. CLAUDIA GRIGORESCU – Assistant Secretary

“I am a citizen of the world and passionately believe that we can all make a difference. Grace Foundation does so by bringing schools and communities together and using local and global resources to enhance the curriculum delivery across Nigeria.”

Dr. Claudia Grigorescu conducts research and curriculum development for a software company, coordinates assessment for best practices at the University of Miami, and teaches at Florida International University (FIU). Previously, at FIU, she also worked with the Urban Education (Algebra Project), the College of Education, and the Office of Academic Planning and Accountability.

Dr. Grigorescu began her career as Program Manager in a non-profit, Hispanic organization that provided educational services and resources for Hispanics in the Washington D.C. area, and seven other satellite offices in the US and Puerto Rico. A committed Christian, her interests are wide and always related to volunteering and teaching. She spends her time with many activities, hobbies, and research on global learning/education, multiculturalism, ethics and accountability, human capacity, non-governmental agencies, and think tanks.

Dr. Grigorescu has lived in multiple countries and currently resides in the US. Her degrees include Bachelors in Spanish and Psychology at the University of Miami, a Masters in Latin American Affairs in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, a Masters in Modern Language Education, and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Florida International University.